(FAQ) - Required Paper Work

Government Issued ID is required to secure your auto loan. Depending on what kind of ID you have and the bank you are financed with, we will need a copy of one or two of the following:

  1. Driver's Licence 
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Health Card
  4. Social Insurance Card
  5. First Nations Treaty Card
  6. Canadian Passport
  7. Firearms License 
  8. Territory Identification Card

Copies of your Identification can be delivered via scan, fax or in person. You may also send us a copy by logging into your Approve Canada online account. Avoid any delivery delays. Update your online account.

If you have Treaty Status you will need a copy of your treaty card or a letter from your Band so that we can waive all taxes on your vehicle purchase. Please have a copy ( Both Front and Back ).


The new SCIS is being phased in gradually so all previously issued status cards are acceptable until they reach their renewal date.

New Secure Certificate of Indian Status:

Certificate of Indian Status "All-in-One"

Certificate of Indian Status "Pilot Project"

Laminated Certificate of Indian Status

You will be required to provide a copy of a Void Cheque or a Pre-authorized Debit Form.

All of Approve Canada Auto Loans are set up for direct monthly or biweekly payments. We will need you to provide a Void Cheque or a Pre-authorized Debit Form of the account you wish your loan payments to be withdrawn from. 

NOTE:  The account your provide MUST be in the same person's name as the auto loan.