(FAQ) - Vehicle Delivery

We take care of all the delivery arrangments for you!

Canada Wide Delivery without the Hassle! We deliver vehicles all across Canada!

Whether you're from Yukon, BC or Nunavut/Nunavik or Quebec.  We deliver your vehicle to you safely and quickly. Our team of professionals has experience delivering vehicles from coast to coast. 

No roads? No problem, We do deliveries via the barge in many northern remote areas. All delivery costs are included in financing and the arrangements are taken care of by ApproveCanada.com!

These delivery items are required to ensure your vehicle delivery.

  1. Government Issued ID
  2. Treaty Card (If Applicable)
  3. Void Cheuque/Pre-authorized Debit Form
  4. Trade In Registration (If Applicable)
  5. New Vehicle Insurance (If Applicable)

Commercial Vehicle Delivery:

  1. Valid Drivers Licence
  2. Valid Insurance Certificate ( If private company )
  3. Licence Plate ( If provided by you )
  4. Copy Article Incorporation or Business Registration
  5. Treaty Card Number
  6. Trade In Registration

If you have Treaty Status you will need a copy of your treaty card or a letter from your Band so that we can waive all taxes on your vehicle purchase. Please have a copy ( Both Front and Back )


The new SCIS is being phased in gradually so all previously issued status cards are acceptable until they reach their renewal date.

New Secure Certificate of Indian Status:

Certificate of Indian Status "All-in-One"

Certificate of Indian Status "Pilot Project"

Laminated Certificate of Indian Status